Hands Get Cold When You Play Games? (Solved!)

Many gamers experience cold hands while playing video games for an extended period of time.

This is a known phenomenon that has been studied in the past, and medical professionals have found some explanations as to why this happens.

In this article, we will explore the causes and what you can do to prevent your hands from getting cold when you are playing video games!

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Worst Gaming Jokes Compilation
Why Do My Hands Get Cold When I Play Games?

Why Do My Hands Get Cold When I Play Video Games?


Stress and restriction of blood from circulating is a major contributor to cold hands. If you’re competitive, this may be why. When you start playing an intense game, your heart rate rises, breathing becomes frantic, and all things contribute to your getting cold hands.

Many games require you to use a combination of the thumb and index finger for play; this means there isn’t as much blood flow through those digits, which can make them feel colder than usual.

  • The weather. Let’s face it we know that cold hands go with the territory, no matter what you’re doing outside or inside.
  • It could be carpal tunnel syndrome which is a type of repetitive stress injury (RSI) affecting your wrist and fingers.”
  • “In some people who have RSI in their wrists or arms, cold hands could be a sign of nerve damage in the hand.”
  • In some people, cold temperature can affect blood circulation. Stress and restriction of blood from circulating is a major contributor to this symptom.
  • Your body’s thermostat may also have an effect on your hands. Some players are more sensitive than others to changes in temperatures. For example, some people’s hands might get cold when the room temperature drops below 70°F.
  • Your lungs may also have an effect on your hands; some players are more sensitive to smoke than others.”
  • “Studies of smokers found that decreased blood circulation was one major factor in their having cold hands and fingers as a consequence of smoking. For some people, smoking just once a day causes their fingers to feel cold.”
  • Your circulatory system may also be the culprit. If you’ve been sitting in one position for hours on end and your circulation is starting to slow down (as it might), this could cause your hands to get colder than they usually would.
  • “This is a common symptom of sitting still for too long, but if you’re playing video games and your hands are getting colder, the culprit may be that your circulation has slowed down.”
  • Your beliefs about coldness in general. Many people can’t stand being cold, and when they start to feel it creeping in, their thoughts might go straight to their hands. It’s all in your head!
  • Coldness may cause you to tense up, which can affect blood flow and make your hand feel colder.

How to Prevent Coldness of Hands When Playing Video Games?

Here are some tips to warm your hands for gaming:

Wear gloves. Put on a pair of mittens, two pairs of socks, or put your hands under the blanket while you play

Use a desk with an adjustable height. Standing will help keep your blood flowing and make you warmer.”

Take frequent breaks from playing games.

Get a heating pad to place on your lap while you play.

Drink more fluids, especially warm liquids like coffee and tea

Get an ergonomic keyboard and mouse so that you don’t have to use the same hand position for too long.”

Eat warming foods such as soup, eggs over easy with toast points sliced ham sandwiches; oatmeal sprinkled with raisins, dried currants, or rice

Try to keep your hands warm while you’re outside.

Here Are A Few Ideas To Keep Your Fingers Warm When Gaming

Layer up with gloves, a scarf, and a hat before you start playing video games to avoid overcompensation when your body gets too hot

Wear fingerless mittens or wear the fingertips of your gloves so that they are exposed; this way, blood can circulate easier in those fingers while still keeping them warm.

Put your hands on a heating pad before you start gaming, and then switch to ice packs when they get too hot; this will help the blood flow back to normal.

Keep in mind that there are many factors such as temperature, body composition (muscle mass), and age that can affect how cold or sweaty our hands can get.

Do Cold Hands Affect Aim In Video Games?

Cold hands affect gaming if you’re playing a game that requires button mashing, such as in first-person shooters. But most other games are fine with cold hands: You can still pull off combos and tricks in fighting games or even play golf without any problems.

The problem is your fingers get stiff when they’re cold. If you’re used to doing things with your fingers, like playing the piano or typing on a keyboard, they might be more difficult.

So what can you do? Just put your hands in warm water for 30 seconds, and then see if that helps.

They’ll feel less stiff and should work better. You also want to keep your hands dry, so don’t wear gloves.

If your fingers feel like they’ve been cramped for too long and you still can’t get them to work properly, try the pencil exercise:

Hold a pen or pencil between your thumb and middle finger with the tip of it resting on a flat surface.

Bend your other three fingers over the tip.

Then slowly straighten your fingers, one at a time. Do this five times, and see if it helps (otherwise, just go back to playing video games).

How To Keep Hands Warm While Gaming?

Cold hands are one of the most common complaints players have. More so in colder seasons or countries, but even during summer, coldness can be an issue on some nights and days.

Here Are Some Tips To Keep Your Hands Warm:

Wear fingerless gloves with a lining that will trap heat against your skin.

These types of gloves should be worn over top of the regular gloves you have on so as not to lose your dexterity.

If you are wearing a jacket, make sure it’s fleece-lined, and wear your gloves underneath.

Wear hand warmers inside of your mittens or under the armpits of your long sleeve shirt so that heat emits from both sides to keep hands warmer than just wearing one glove with no insulation at all.

Keep your hands out of the wind. It is better to keep them in a warm pocket or around an electric heater than outside, where they can get cold quickly, even if you have gloves on.

Don’t forget that drinking plenty of water and caffeine will help regulate body temperature!

Drink hot cocoa before playing to raise your body temperature before you start playing.

Drink hot tea after a game to prevent your hands from becoming cold and stiff.

Final Thoughts:

Cold hands are a common problem while playing video games. It can make it difficult to keep your focus on the game and have a clear aim, especially when you’re in an intense moment of gameplay.

There are many ways to avoid this problem by wearing gloves or fingerless mittens with touch screen capabilities.

You could also get heated grips for your gaming controller.

However, one of the most effective ways to keep hands warm while playing video games is to make sure that you’re drinking enough fluids and eating healthy snacks like fruit or vegetables (not fries).

It’s also important not to forget a good night’s sleep because it affects our blood flow and can cause cold hands.

Lastly, there is an easy solution to the problem.

You can buy cheap hand warmers from any grocery store or gas station and place them in your pockets before starting up a game on your PC.

If this doesn’t work for you, it may be time to invest in a gaming mouse with a sensitivity adjustment.

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