What Android App Has a Heart Notification? (SOLVED!!)

“What Android app has a heart notification?” was the question I asked myself when I saw my girlfriend checking her phone every few minutes.

She told me that she had just downloaded this new “love-focused” game and was trying to get as many hearts from other players as possible.

I didn’t want to pry any further, but it got me thinking about what kind of apps have notifications like these? Turns out, there are quite a few!

What Android App Has a Heart Notification

What Android App Has a Heart Notification?

Here is the list of android apps that use heart notifications:

  • Google Fit.
  • Samsung Health.
  • Cardio Trainer.
  • Fit Bit.
  • D-Day.

What App Uses Heart Notifications?

Generally, fitness and health apps use heart-shaped notifications.

Heart(White or Blue) icons, symbols, and notifications may not be exclusive to dating apps like Tinder or Bumble.

G Fit, S Heart, and Cardio Trainer all display hearts as their notification icons.

What To Do When You See A Heart Notification On Your Partner’s Phone?

That’s cool and all, but what can you do when it happens on your GF phone? The best thing to do is just ask them about it.

It could be something innocent like a notification from an app they use or some other kind of weird glitch. You’ll never know unless you ask!.

If the person still won’t tell you what is going on or continues to do things in secret then maybe there are larger issues at play.

If you’re worried that your partner is cheating, then there are some resources on the internet to help you figure things out.

One of those resources may be checking their phone records or social media posts for evidence.

If they continue to refuse to tell you anything, then it’s time to take more drastic measures.

Drastic Measures That Can Be Taken:

When you have exhausted all of your options, drastic measures are the last resort for getting to the truth.

Some drastic measures that you may want to take include:

  • Let your partner know that you’re going to be checking their phone and social media.
  • Take away all access to the internet if they refuse to talk. This is a big step but it’s worth it if they’ve been lying for months or years.
  • Ending the relationship, especially when infidelity is suspected. If this seems like an awful decision, then it may be worth trying to work through the issues.


Ending the relationship would not be a wise decision. As there are millions of apps out there and no one can identify exactly which app use heart notification.

“What is Heart icon notification” is one of the most asked questions on Forums take a look:

Heart Icon In Status Bar

Someone asked on Reddit.

Anyone know what this is from? Maybe from an app? Was on my BF’s screenshot. Just one solid, straightforward heart. Not slanted or goofy in any way.


Heart Shaped Icon on Piece of Paper

Someone asked on android forums

This is strange to ask but my fiance sent me a screenshot and I suddenly noticed this heart-shaped icon. I tried to search it out online to see what it is but couldn’t find it. Not wanting to jump to conclusions and accuse her I thought I would ask this forum. Any help would be very much appreciated…as we are due to be married in April…want to make sure I am not making a mistake.



Found it!  It’s the default internal icon for the second SIM card on the J5 . . . when I set that SIM card as the default for calls, it shows that icon (and it shows a “handset” icon if I set the first SIM card to be used for calls).


Heart With Star In It


What app is this notification icon for? A heart with a star inside it. Please help. Any ideas? Thanks



My D-Bag (EX)boyfriend just flipped out at me over this icon, accusing me of nonsense about having dating app profiles..

It’s ACTUALLY the icon for Rewarded Play. It’s one of the multitudes of gaming apps that are currently being advertised EVERYWHERE, that give you points for usage time, that you can then trade in for various gift cards.

But hey, if you wanna get single fast, jumping to conclusions and making accusations is a good way to do it!


Heart Shaped Icon Not Completely


Hi everyone, I had gotten a screenshot from my fiancé and at first I thought it was a fitness tracker but sent this one with an extra heart on the notifications. I’m unsure if it’s another fitness app or a dating one. We’ve had problems in the past but things changed, or so I thought. Any help would be great!

Ps it’s the far left heart. Not the one with the pulse



The one on the right is definitely a fitness app as it pops up on my phone frequently (though I’ve never been able to track down which app it is, I think it may be in the OS). I don’t have any dating, matchmaking, hookup apps on my phone. The one on the left could quite reasonably also be a fitness app as multiple apps can be used simultaneously to track things and both could be raising an alert for the same thing (i.e. Google Fitness, MapMyHike, etc.)

Or, I could be completely wrong since there are 10 bazillion apps that use heart notification icons, many have nothing to do with heart health or dating.

That’s the Google fit icon. I always get it when I have completed my daily goal.


Heart Icon With Line Through It



I don’t use android so I’m not familiar with it. Maybe this is kinda weird but my bf sent me a screenshot yesterday and I noticed some weird heart-shaped app icon.

I asked him if it’s a dating app but he just said he doesn’t know what it is.. that made me uncomfortable so I just thought I‘d ask here.

Maybe someone knows what it is. I couldn’t find the app in the iPhone app store so yeah…



It’s Google Fit.

(All your bf needs to do is pull the notifications down and he can see what app produces what icon).


Official Answer by Android Forums

You’re probably looking at your Android Phone wondering, “What is this icon in the top left?” It’s one of the most popular questions asked on Android Forums so we decided to create a place where you can identify exactly what app is sending the notification icon that’s got you wondering.

Most people ask this question because they’ve seen the app icon on their boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, or significant other’s phone and they suspect it’s an icon from a dating app.

They’re worried about infidelity. They’ve captured a screenshot or taken a photo but since it’s not their phone they can’t perform followup steps to figure out what the icon is.

Not everybody asks this question because they suspect cheating. Sometimes people ask this question because the notification is annoying, persistent, or won’t go away.

Regardless of why you’re trying to match the icon with the app