9 Things to Consider Before Bringing a Pc to College

If you are a gamer, then the answer to this question is probably “yes.”

College students these days tend to have a lot of downtime that they need to spend productively.

So why not use it for gaming? Bringing your gaming PC can be an excellent way for you to pass the time and also get some work done at the same time.

Should I Bring My Gaming Pc To College
Are Gaming Laptops Worth It?
Are Gaming Laptops Worth It?

Should I Bring My Gaming Pc To College?

Yes, technically speaking, you can bring a gaming PC to college. Make sure you have enough room in your dorm, power outlets near the desk, privacy, and internet connection, etc. If you don’t have the right conditions, it might be best to leave your PC at home and bring a laptop instead.

But before you decide on bringing your rig in, there are a few things that you should consider first.

Things To Consider Before Bringing A Pc To College

Do you have room for it? It can be a little tough to find space in your dorm or apartment.

Will bringing your PC and all of its peripherals hinder anyone else’s ability to study in that same space?

If so, then maybe reconsider whether it is worth taking up more than one desk with your rig.

Is there a gaming lounge on campus? If so, then it might not make sense to bring your PC if you have other options that would be more convenient for you and also save space in your room.

Are there power outlets near the desk where you will put your PC?

It can be difficult to find enough plugs in a dorm or apartment to power your PC, so make sure that there are some nearby before you commit.

What kind of room do you have? Is it an open-air study space with no walls like the library, or is it enclosed and private?

If not privately enclosed, then consider bringing headphones because everyone else will be able to hear your gaming sounds.

Do you have a laptop? Some laptops are powerful enough that they can run games fairly well, so it might make more sense for you to bring this instead of the full-size rig.

Are there any services on campus like Xbox Live or PlayStation Plus?

These will be much cheaper and easier to use than your gaming PC and also give you access to more games.

Do you have a game console?

There are some great ones out there like the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, or PlayStation four that can be just as entertaining for gamers who want something new.

Can I bring all of my peripherals? These days, peripherals are getting more and more expensive.

So it might be worth asking around to see if anyone has what you need; otherwise, your budget will get blown out of the water by all these extra costs that come with owning a gaming PC.

Do I have an Ethernet port on my rig? Increasingly schools are moving to Wi-Fi only, and since gaming PCs tend to require a wired connection, it might be worth checking if you can get access.

What about all the cords? It is important to make sure that your power cord will reach from where you’re putting your rig, through any doorways, or across any hallways so that it doesn’t get tangled and damaged.

Is there a good time to game? If so, you should reconsider bringing your rig because it might be too distracting for other people who are trying to study or work during that time.

Does the school have gaming clubs or groups where I can connect with gamers on campus?

This is a great way to make friends and find gaming buddies, so if you are feeling lonely or isolated, then this might be a good place for you.

Ultimately it is up to the individual gamer what they want to do with their free time in college.

But before making any decision about bringing your PC into dorm life, stop and consider all of these questions first!

Is Bringing Laptop A Good Option Instead Of Gaming Pc to College?

The answer to this question will depend on your personal circumstances and preference, but there are some benefits to consider.

A laptop can take up less space in a dorm room than a gaming PC would.

If you’re not looking for the very best hardware possible as far as graphics or processing power, then it is an option that may work well enough for you.

On the other hand, there are plenty of settings where a laptop will be unusable because they won’t have a good enough connection to an external monitor for gaming purposes or performance reasons.

This is just one question many gamers ask themselves when it comes time to start college and figure out whether they should bring their own desktop computer with them or not.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both options, but there is a large contingent of gamers who believe that their gaming experience will be better if they bring their PC with them.

The first thing you should do before making this decision is figuring out what exactly your needs are in regards to performance as well as aesthetics.

A laptop may be a good option for you if all you need to do is occasionally game and don’t have any specific needs.

Are Desktops Even Allowed In College?

There’s a common misconception that desktops are banned from college campuses, but this isn’t necessarily true.

The truth is that it varies depending on the type and size of the school you attend.

Some schools ban desktop computers altogether, while others only have them in their computer labs or at certain study areas for students who need to use one.

It’s important to research what your particular campus does before showing up with one.

It’s also possible for you to bring a desktop computer into the dormitory, but it must be small enough in size and weight that it can fit under or beside your bed.

One of the great things about desktops is how customizable they are, but this also means they might not be able to fit in the space you’re allowed, so make sure to measure first.

The size of the school or university can often dictate what type and how many computers are permissible in dorms as well.

Smaller schools with less available study spaces may limit desktop use for all students, while larger universities with more available space may not.

It is also worth noting that many schools and universities are opting for smarter technology with less necessary hardware, meaning desktops will soon be obsolete in these places as well.

The bottom line: it’s best to check your school’s policies before you invest in a desktop computer or bring one into the dorm with you.

In conclusion, desktops are not necessarily banned from colleges or universities.

When it comes to whether they’re allowed in dorms and classrooms, the specifics depend on what your school has decided is best for its students. Always ask first!

How Common Is It To Bring A Desktop To College?

The idea of bringing a desktop to college is not as common because they are usually large and cumbersome.

With the rise of laptops and tablets in recent years, more college-bound individuals are forgoing desktops altogether.

Despite the stereotype of incoming freshmen lugging a bulky desktop computer in their suitcase, laptops are still usually more practical for college life.

While there’s nothing stopping you from bringing your own PC to campus with you, we recommend investing in a laptop that can be easily carried around and weighed down by heavy textbooks. 

There are many different schools of thought when it comes to bringing a desktop computer with you.

Some people believe that there is no need, as they can access the internet anywhere on campus.

Others like having their own computers for gaming and watching movies/TV shows in the dorm room or suite lounge area.

Still, others prefer using laptops because they think they are more convenient.

There is no one right answer for this question, as everyone’s preferences and needs vary.

Some people like having the option of using their own hardware if they need it, while others will prefer to rely on campus-provided systems.

The decision you make should depend on your own personal preference, with some consideration given to the type of work you will be doing.

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