Shelves for Video Games (Worth It or Not?)

Shelves are one of the most popular ways for storing video games and other items.

They come in many different shapes, sizes, and materials.

The type of shelf you choose will depend on what kind of storage space you have available.

You can find shelves that are made from wood, plastic, metal or glass.

Some shelves are designed to be used as entertainment centers while others are built with an eye toward organization.

Whatever your reasons for needing a shelf, there’s sure to be a good option out there.

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What Are the Best Types of Shelves?

There are several types of shelving systems that you can use to store any number of items. Here is some information about each type of system:

Wooden Shelves

These shelves are often made from wood. Wood is a great material because it provides support and structure for the shelf.

If you want to keep your books organized, this is a great way to do so. However, wooden shelves aren’t very durable and they won’t hold up well against moisture.

Plastic Shelves

This type of shelf is usually made from polypropylene. Polypropylene is lightweight and easy to clean. Because these shelves are not very strong, you may need a few extra supports or brackets when using them.

Metal Shelf

Metal shelves are sturdy and long lasting. They also provide lots of options for decorating. With metal shelves, you can add decorative hardware such as hooks, hangers, and knobs.

Glass Shelf

Glass shelves are great for displaying artwork or collectibles. They’re also ideal for keeping things neat and tidy. They don’t take up much room and they are easy to clean. Glass shelves are heavy but they are also very stable.

How Do I Choose the Right Shelves for My Needs?

When choosing which type of shelf you should buy, consider the following factors:


How big does your shelf need to be? Will you only need a small shelf or will you need something large enough to hold all of your gaming equipment?

Materials: What kind of material is best suited for your needs? For example, if you plan to display art pieces, you’ll probably want a glass shelf.

If you just want to organize your game collection, a plastic shelf might work better.

Storage Space

How much space does your new shelf need to cover? A smaller shelf will likely fit into a smaller area than a larger shelf.


Which decorations would look nice on your shelf? You could add pictures, lights, or even mirrors.

If you need additional help deciding which type of shelf will work best for you, contact us at our customer service desk!

What Shelves Does Everyone Use for Video Games Storage?

Everyone uses shelves to store their video games. Whether you prefer to use wall-mounted shelves or floor stands, here are some common examples:

Wall Mounted Shelf

Wall mounted shelves are perfect for those who have a smaller amount of storage space. They’re also easier to move around than floor stand shelves.

Floor Stand Shelf

Floor stands are great for those who have more storage space. They’re typically taller than wall mounted shelves and tend to be heavier.

How Do You Display Games On A Shelf?

You can display games on a shelf by placing them on top of the shelf. Or, you can place them in front of the shelf.

The key to storing games on a shelf is making sure they don’t get damaged. Check out our tips below for how to properly store your games on a shelf.

Tips for Storing Your Game Collection on a Shelf

Keep your games away from direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can damage the surface of the game.

Use clear packaging whenever possible. Clear packaging protects the game’s components and keeps dust off of it.

Use boxes that protect against scratching. These boxes are often referred to as “cardboard sleeves.”

Store your games upright with the spine facing down. When stored this way, the bottom of the box won’t touch any other part of the game. This prevents scratches.

Store your games horizontally when necessary. Horizontal storage makes it easier to access different parts of the game.

Don’t stack your games too high. Too many layers of games may cause them to fall over.

Don’t let your games rest directly on the ground. The weight of the game can scratch the surface and damage the components.

How Much Does Storage Shelving Cost?

The cost of storage shelving depends on how much you need, how much space you have, and what size you need.

For example, a small bookcase costs less than a large cabinet. And a simple plastic shelf is cheaper than a custom-built unit. When shopping around for storage shelves, make sure you get a quote before buying.

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