Perfect Way to Connect Multiple Controllers to PC [2022]

One of the best ways to enjoy your favorite games is with multiple controllers.

In this article, we will discuss what you need and how to set it up on a single computer.

Multiple Controllers On Pc

Can I Use Two Controllers On A Pc?

Yes, the USB ports on a PC allow you to use up to four controllers simultaneously as long as your game supports multiple controllers.

This is one of the best ways to play games with friends and family members!

What do I need?

To use multiple controllers, you need:

  • A computer with at least two USB ports available.
  • At least one controller.

Xbox 360 Wired Controller Adapter and a micro USB cable for the second controller to work wirelessly.

For more than two controllers, purchase an Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver connected to your PC via USB.

Do I Need Any Other Equipment?

If you are using wireless controllers, you will need an Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver and a micro USB cable for each controller.

While playing games with multiple players on one computer.

It is important to know that some of the controllers may not be able to work wirelessly due to the lack of enough USB ports available.

For example: if there are two wireless controllers connected via Wireless Gaming Receiver and the computer only has one USB port available, a controller will need to be plugged in with a micro USB cable.

How Do I Set Up My Controllers?

Watch This Tutorial To Setup and Connect Wired Or Wireless Controllers To PC

The first thing you should do is plug them into any available USB port on your computer with micro-USB cables.

If you want your controllers to be recognized as Xbox or PlayStation, find the appropriate drivers and install them from their website.

If this doesn’t work:

Plugin one controller first (so it can detect what type of gamepad is plugged in).

Once done, plug in the other(s) while holding down a button on each for at least two seconds, so they’re synced up with the same device ID number.


Open up any web browser that supports HTML (not just Edge) and navigate through to Microsoft’s Xbox 360 pc driver page by typing “x360ce tutorial” into Google or another search engine.

Clicking download gives you an installer file (.exe), then click next, agree to the terms, and next again.

Wait patiently while it installs!

This will take anywhere from five minutes to forty, depending on your internet connection speed.

When finished installing, it should prompt you with options like “Run Setup,” so choose this option before clicking finish on the dialogue box.

Choose a gamepad template for Xbox One or PS Pro Controllers as well as one for Xbox 360 wireless controllers and follow these instructions:

Press the “Player One” tab and select your gamepad template.

Press the “player two” tab, then press the corresponding button on your second controller to assign it as player number one (or vice versa).

You’re ready to play with multiple controllers now!

What About Games That Don’t Support Multiple Controllers?

If the game you want to play supports a controller but does not allow for more than one, there is an option available called XInput Emulator.

This emulator allows you to map your mouse and keyboard as if it were another controller.

You can then use both hands on the controller and your mouse to play the game.

This is a quick and easy way to enjoy games that do not support multiple controllers, but it may take some time to get used to as you have two hands in different positions with different responsibilities each hand has on the controller.

What If I Want To Connect More Than Two Controllers?

When you want to connect more than two controllers, the first thing you need is a USB hub.

The easiest way is to use an existing one or buy a small standalone USB hub.

You can plug in up to four gamepads at once using this method without any configuration changes on your computer’s side.

The next problem might be on Windows. Your computer might not be able to handle more than two gamepads at once, so you need to use software like JoyToKey or Xpadder in order for everything to work correctly.

First, plug your controllers into the hub(s) and configure them by following these steps:

  • Install the driver from the manufacturer if necessary.
  • Plugin controller and wait for the computer to recognize it
  • Open XinputTest (Start menu >> Accessories)

Click on the number next to a gamepad button that corresponds with each of your controllers, press the corresponding buttons on your controller, then click “OK” when finished.

If any of the buttons produce an error, try them again and click “OK” when finished.

Adjust the settings in XinputTest to match your controller(s):

Click on the tab at the top labeled “Axes.” If you have a gamepad that has both an analog stick and a directional pad, then select each of these (e.g., right thumbstick, right directional pad) and use the “-” or “+” buttons next to them to change their sensitivity.

Click on the tab at the top labeled “Miscellaneous.”

If you have a gamepad that has two shoulder buttons (e.g., L and R), then select each of these (e.g., left button, right button) and use the arrow keys underneath them to change their function to something other than what they’re currently set to.

Adjust each button’s function to the right key by clicking on “Change Function” and selecting a button that corresponds to it.

Make sure you are not running any other programs when testing your controller configuration in JoyToKey or Xpadder, so they have enough processor power available.

Can You Use Two Wired Controllers On A PC?

You can plug in two wired controllers on a PC. Plugging one controller into the left side of your computer and another onto the right will allow you to use both hands independently while playing games.

This is useful for players who have trouble using their dominant hand but may still be able to use their other hand or prefer to play with the other hand.

How To Use Two Wired Controllers On A Pc?

  • Connect both controllers to your pc.
  • Both should show up in the list of inputs on the game’s options menu. if not, try unplugging one controller and then plugging it back in again.
  • Place each control set for a player or item where you would like them to be mapped. this will create multiple profiles that can be switched between in the game.
  • You can also set different button layouts for each controller if you wish to do so.
  • Once you’ve set up your controller inputs, click apply and then play.

In the game, Press starts to bring up the menu. Select either ‘player one – player two’ or ‘item one – item two.’

This will allow you to switch between control sets on a single pc while playing video games.

Can You Do Pc Split screen With Two Controllers?

Yes, you can split the PC screen for two controllers.

To set up the desired configuration, go to Settings > Display and select “Output: Multiple displays” from the drop-down menu.

On the next page in Options for display 0 (the first part), check “Secondary window on a second monitor or TV” and select the desired orientation.

This will create a second window that the user can resize.