WiFi Turning Off Automatically On Android? (Solved!)

There could be many reasons why your wi-fi connection gets interrupted on android mobile.

Regardless of the android versions 7,8,9 or android 10, the problem encounters them all in the same way, and the solutions are also corresponding.

Here are the most effective ways to stop wifi from turning off automatically from your android device.

  • Keep your mobile data off if enabled.
  • Secondly, if you’re using a Samsung or One plus mobiles, Get into the Wi-fi advanced settings to see if you’ve set a WiFi connection timer.
  • Also, sometimes power-saving mode can stop wifi at night when an android device becomes idle.
  • Keeping it disabled will allow wi-fi to always be turned on.

Generally, the power-saving way is auto-enabled when the battery goes down by 15%. 

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5 Reasons: Why Does My Wifi Keep Turning Off (Android)?

Several reasons can make this problem up.

Therefore, Below are multiple ways to encounter it. Depending upon the situation you’re in you will find the best fit.

Disable The Power Saving Mode

Mobile users prefer to have the power-saving feature turned on.

Because this feature can save battery and make it last a little longer than average as it turns off many programs.

However, it impacts wifi connectivity too because some apps auto-run in the background and use data.

Therefore, to stop those apps, the power-saving mode often puts a stop on the Wi-Fi connection.

Moreover, when the battery is low, the power-saving mode gets enabled automatically, stopping the Wi-fi connection. 

That’s said, even if you’ve not enabled this feature manually, check the battery management system setting’s page and from there turn this feature off regardless of the battery status.

Follow these steps to disable it.

  • Phone Settings > Battery Settings > Power Saving Mode / Battery Optimization
  • Change the settings regarding your WiFi operation.
  • Restart your device to make the settings effective and see if it solves your problem.
  • If it does not, scroll down as we have other methods that will teach you how to stop WiFi from turning off automatically on Android

Stop The Battery Saver App

Stopping any battery-saver apps or power saver apps will work if you’re using one.

Such apps tend to optimize a mobile’s battery, and Wi-fi or data connections are two major features that drain most of the battery when turned on.

Thus, to work, they stop wifi connectivity automatically.

Stop Wifi Connection Timer

Another thing that can cause WiFi to stop working is the WIFI timer.

It works when a mobile device is idle.

There are usually Samsung Mobiles or HTC phones and tablets installed with this setting in the WiFI advanced settings.

Disabling it will solve the problem.

Here’s how to do this:

  • Go to Settings > Wi-Fi and tap on the action button (more button).
  • Go to Advanced and tap on the Wi-Fi timer.
  • Check to see if any timer is selected. If it is, turn it OFF.
  • Go to Settings > Location> Menu Scanning and set it to Wi-Fi scanning.

Restart your phone.

Check to see if Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting. If it still does, move over to the next fix.

Disable Mobile Data

Turn off mobile data since many Android devices are designed to chance data connections from Mobile data to Wifi.

It occurs, in most cases, when one connection becomes weaker than another.

Keeping this in mind, if the bar on the wifi turns down, then the mobile data will do the work while putting an end to the wifi connection automatically. 

Close VPN

Vpn apps also interrupted a wifi connection.

So if you use any VPN app, whether to watch movies on Netflix or browsing on the web using wifi connectivity, it’s normal to face Wi-fi connection losing issues.

The only solution is left, Uninstall such an app from your Android mobile.

Why Does My Wifi Keep Turning Off At Night?

If your wifi signals are being turned off at night.

Then there is a big possibility- you keep your android device on the power saving mode- alternatively, battery percentage can also trigger this up.

Saving the battery bar higher can be a solution.

Or the next thing that can affect at nights on your wifi- is the wifi timer or any sort of data usage limit.


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