Full Screen Or Windowed: Which Is Better for FPS & Lag?

Most gamers have to make a choice between full-screen or windowed mode for their gaming.

Depending on your computer’s specifications, you might be able to run a game at max settings in full screen.

But if not, then the windowed mode is usually the only other option. So which should you choose?

Fullscreen Or Windowed For Gaming

Full screen Vs Windowed

It depends on these factors:

  • Your GPU
  • The type of game
  • Monitor size
  • Whether you play alone or with friends
  • Whether you want to chat
  • Whether your game has a UI or not
  • Your performance and FPS requirements
  • Personal preference

Full screen Or Windowed For Gaming

Full screen or windowed for gaming.

That is the question! Though it might seem like a trivial decision, it can have an impact on your productivity and whether you’re able to play at all.

It’s worth exploring both options thoroughly before making a final choice about which one works best for you.

Full screen gaming has many benefits.

It offers an immersive experience and a full-screen view of the game, which is perfect for gamers who play competitively or want to put everything they have into the action at hand.

Windowed mode, on the other hand, offers a more practical experience.

It’s perfect for gamers who want to do something else while they play or use their computer for any number of tasks throughout the day.

Ultimately, it comes down to what you need from your gaming session and whether being able to multitask is important in order to make progress with your gaming goals.

If you want to be fully immersed in the game and are playing competitively, then the full screen mode is best.

If multitasking while gaming is important or you’re not as concerned about scoring well on your gameplay, the windowed mode will work just fine for many people!

In short, full screen is best for immersion and competitiveness, while the windowed mode is perfect for multitasking.

Which Display Mode is Best For Games Like Pubg, Fortnite, Or Minecraft?

For most players who want to enjoy a game like PUBG, Fortnite, or Minecraft, the best resolution is Full screen.

For modern games, Full screen works well, but you can also play in a windowed mode which may be more comfortable for some players.

It doesn’t matter what mode you play in; the most important thing is to have a good computer.

We recommend using Full screen for the best experience.

Whether you use a windowed mode or full-sized, make sure to have enough RAM and plenty of hard drive space on your computer in order to maintain high-performance levels when playing today’s modern games.


PUBG is a great example of a game that benefits from using Full screen mode.

For this reason, the best experience for playing will be by running it in full screen and with no other applications open on your PC or laptop at all.

Full screen mode will not only give you the best framerate, but it will also be able to show you more of your surroundings and provide a better experience.

It is important that if playing in full screen to make sure all other applications are closed or at least minimized, so they do not interfere with PUBG’s performance.

For Fortnite:

For Fortnite, the best experience will be had by running it in Windowed mode on your PC or laptop.

One of the reasons for this is that Fortnite does not require a lot of power to run, so you can still get decent frame rates while playing even when using windowed mode.

Running it full screen would likely cause some frame drops.

For Minecraft:

We recommend using Full screen for the best experience, but if you want to play in windowed mode, that’s ok too!

Make sure your computer has enough RAM and plenty of hard drive space on it so that performance levels stay high when you play.

Is Full Screen Better than Windowed?

Full screen maximizes game graphics and minimizes distractions, but you can’t see your desktop or any of the other programs that are running on your computer without alt-tabbing out of the game!

A windowed mode allows you to easily switch between all open windows with a keyboard shortcut so that you can chat with friends, use a calculator or do anything else on your computer.

Deciding whether to play full screen vs. windowed for gaming is up to personal preference!

Why Does Windowed Mode Decrease Fps?

There are a few reasons why windowed mode decreases the frame rate, or FPS, as gamers call it.

The first is that because you’re in full screen mode, your computer can dedicate more of its processing power to rendering graphics and less on other tasks — like running applications side-by-side with gaming.

With windowed mode, your computer has to divide its processing power between the game and all those other programs.

Second reason: It also takes up extra space on your screen, which can be a problem if you’re playing a competitive first-person shooter like Call of Duty: Black Ops III or Titanfall II.

It’s important for gamers in these games to see as much of the map as possible without obscuring it with other windows.

The third reason is that windowed mode can be confusing for some players who are new to gaming because they may not know which part of the screen corresponds to their input on a controller or keyboard and mouse.

This makes playing games like Grand Theft Auto V more difficult than if they were on full screen.

The fourth and final reason has to do with the aspect ratio of your display, which is usually wider than it is tall, meaning that windowed mode will always leave black bars at the top and bottom of your screen if you’re using a standard 16:09 widescreen monitor.

This can be especially problematic for gamers who are used to playing in windowed mode, as they may not be aware that’s why the game isn’t scaling properly.

The full screen vs. windowed debate is a fascinating one, but at the end of it all, there can only really be an answer that suits your needs and tastes.

Which Display Mode Gives The Best Fps? Full Screen or Windowed?

FPS is a measure of how many frames per second the video games are running at.

Generally, you want to have 60 FPS or more for a good gameplay experience.

The question then becomes: full screen or windowed?

Window mode will allow your PC to run background tasks without interfering with game performance, and it also won’t leave you open to potential screen-saver attacks.

On the other hand, full screen will give you better visuals and a more immersive experience, but your computer won’t be able to handle it as well and thus will result in lower frame rates (as a tradeoff).

That said, if you are using an old PC or low specification setup, then you might want to go for windowed.

Does Full Screen Reduce Input Lag?

One of the reasons most people play in full screen mode is because it’s supposed to reduce input lag.

This makes sense when you think about how a smaller window would take up less processing power, but do windows and borders add more time? The answer may surprise you.

For example, on Windows servers running at 60 hertz (Hz), a borderless full screen window with the same dimensions as a windowed one would actually reduce input lag by about 0.02 milliseconds over either option, so it doesn’t seem to make much of an impact in this case.

However, on Windows servers running at 75 Hz or higher, which is not that common right now because most monitors are still 60 Hz, there is a difference.

The windowed mode input lag would be about 0.17 milliseconds less than the full screen option on this type of server.

And it could potentially make a large difference in certain games that require quick reactions to avoid an attack or mistake.

The last thing you might want to consider is whether your monitor can handle playing in full screen mode.

If it’s an older monitor, especially a CRT model that isn’t fast enough for the framerate you are trying to use (anything above 60 Hz).

Then this might result in some lag or choppiness on screen, and you could see some delays between your input and what happens on-screen.

There are a few things to take into consideration when playing games in full screen or windowed mode, but it seems like on Windows servers running at 60 Hz, and below that, the input lag isn’t really affected by what type you choose.

If your monitor is slow enough for higher frame rates or if you play on a Windows server that runs at 75 Hz or higher, then windowed mode might be your best option.