What Does BM Mean in Gaming?


In gaming, BM is an acronym for Bad Manners or Bad Mannered. It’s a familiar game term used to describe disruptive behavior, especially in team-oriented games where teammates should work together for the team’s success. The Meaning of BM and How gaming players use it What does BM mean? Commonly, this term is used when …

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Is Gaming a Hobby?


The question of whether or not gaming can be considered a hobby is one that many people ask. They may wonder if it’s possible to spend so much time on games and still consider them a hobby, especially when other hobbies might seem more productive. But the answer is simple: yes, gaming is indeed a …

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Is Gaming Haram? | Sorry Gamers

Is gaming haram

Is gaming haram? This is a question that many people want to know. There are arguments both for and against the idea of video games being forbidden in Islam. Today, gaming has become a popular activity for many, most especially the youth. Many people all over the world enjoy their leisure time by playing games. …

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