12 Best Sony Smartwatch Apps

This article is a list of the best Sony Smartwatch apps. We have compiled this list so that you can find the best apps for your Sony Smartwatch with ease. Read on to see our top picks!

Best Sony Smartwatch Apps

Here is list of best Sony Smartwatch apps:

  • Wear Mini Launcher
  • Runkeeper 
  • Wear Battery Stats
  • Task Manager For Wear OS
  • Google Fit: Activity Tracking
  • Calendar for Wear OS
  • Web Browser for Wear OS (Android Wear)
  • Ghostracer – GPS Run & Cycle
  • App in the Air – Personal travel assistant
  • Sheep Shield : Android Wear
  • BiDot – Android Wear

Wear Mini Launcher

Wear Mini Launcher is designed to make it easier for you to find and launch your favorite apps on your Android Wear device.

With a double swipe gesture, you can also access the quick settings menu with shortcuts that allow you to pick up where left off when switching from one app to another.

Moreover, there are many customization options available, so now nothing stands between achieving an individualized experience of smartphone use through wearable’s!

Currently compatible devices:

  1. LG G Watch
  2. Samsung Gear Live
  3. Moto 360
  4. LG G Watch R
  5. Sony SmartWatch 3
  6. Asus Zenwatch



Do you need to stay motivated while working out or have a goal in mind? The Runkeeper app has all the motivation and goals that an avid runner might be looking for.

If there is ever anything missing from your schedule, this fitness tracker will help fill it with personalized routines catered just for you!.

This running routine coach even motivates runners by providing challenges of various levels so they can snag exercise rewards along their journey before reaching their ultimate achievement: seeing progress.

With its GPS tracking system on hand as well as helpful reminders if something slips through the cracks, Runkeeper not only helps keep track but also provides some extra perks like being able to follow other people’s workouts right inside your phone screen – how cool is that.

TOP FEATURES of Runkeeper

With the Runkeeper app, you can create custom running challenges and invite friends to join.

You’ll also be able to track your progress with audio cues that are customizable for speed, distance and time, as well as follow training plans so that you make major progress every step of the way! Plus, it’s easy to see routes on a map in Google Maps or save them from other apps like Strava.

And when motivation is needed, there are exclusive workout experiences available through Challenges, where users get rewarded too! There’s even an integration with Spotify so just keep moving while listening to music.

Runkeeper helps you track your fitness progress and connect with friends in this comprehensive app.

Bluetooth connectivity makes wireless headphones or a heart rate monitor perfect workout companions, while stopwatch mode lets users easily add indoor cardio (treadmill) to their full exercise log.

Social sharing on Facebook and Twitter will let people keep up to enjoy the fruits of all that hard work!


Wear Battery Stats

Wear Battery Stats is the perfect companion for your watch when you want to know more about battery life. With this app, easily can:

  •  Track the battery level and predict when you will be out of power 
  •  See which apps are draining your battery so that you have a better understanding of how they work on Android Wear devices 
  •  Get notifications sent as soon as it gets below 10% or 5 minutes remaining


Task Manager For Wear OS

This app is the only way to manage the watch’s memory all at once.

Android Wear Task Manager can list and close any of your running apps with just a single tap, so you don’t have to worry about battery drain or other performance issues on your smartwatch anymore.

Download this app for free now!

You have to own an Android Wear device to use this app

Currently compatible devices:

  1. HUAWEI Watch
  2. Moto 360 Gen 2 (2015)
  3. Moto 360 Gen 1 (2014)
  4. Asus Zenwatch
  5. LG G Watch
  6. LG G Watch R
  7. LG G Watch Urbane (Android Wear version)
  8. Samsung Gear Live
  9. Sony SmartWatch 3


Google Fit: Activity Tracking

Google Fit collaborated with the World Health Organization and The American Heart Association to bring you a better understanding of how much or what kind of activity is needed for staying healthy.

They have created an Activity Goal called “Heart Points” that can help improve your health by getting more heart-pumping activities in each day, such as picking up the pace when walking your dog (1 point) versus running, which will get double points because it’s twice as hard on our body!

Don’t let your day slip by without breaking a sweat. It takes just 30-minutes of brisk walking five days a week to reach the AHA and WHO’s recommended amount of physical activity shown to reduce the risk for heart disease, improve sleep, and increase overall mental wellbeing.

Google Fit will also help you:

Go beyond your fitness goals with Google Fit. With this app, you can track workouts from your phone or watch and get insights based on real-time data collected by sensors.

These details include things like pace, route, and more so that you always know where to go next for an even better workout! You also have the option of setting up daily steps goals if it interests you in order to keep challenging yourself towards a healthy mind/heart balance.

Make every step count with your Android phone or Wear OS by Google smartwatch.

As you walk, run, and bike throughout the day, they will automatically detect any activities that are added to your Fit Journal, so now all of them get credit.

And if you want even more bonus points, add a paced walking workout where you start stepping in time with beats for an exciting new type of fitness routine!

Breathing is said to be one of the most effective ways to reduce tension and stress. With G Fit, checking your breath has never been easier as all you need are your phone camera and a few clicks—your respiratory rate will then show up on the screen together with any irregular heartbeats which might indicate an illness!


Calendar for Wear OS

It is clean, easy to read, and provides a lot of detail about upcoming events. It can also be used for reminders as well as keeping track of goals.

It is a great alternative to having an iPhone or Android phone on your person if you do not like the bulkiness.

It also has some different features that help with setting reminders and goals as well as knowing what’s coming up for events in the next few days.

If someone wants to plan ahead but does not want the hassle of carrying around their phone, this is a good alternative.


Web Browser for Wear OS (Android Wear)

The internet, less than an arm’s length away! WIB is a full-fledged web browser running on your Android Wear smartwatch.

Bookmarks can easily be added directly from the watch. It works even when your phone is off – if you have a smartwatch with WiFi and android wear 5.1 or higher installed, then it will work without any problems at all because of its standalone capacity, which makes this one of the must-have tools for wearable technology enthusiasts out there today.


The Wear OS Web Browser app has a lot of features that make your browsing experience on the watch better.

For example, you can quickly search for information by using voice or text input to find what you’re looking for and open links from your phone in the browser via Share.

You also have access to an Android keyboard with different keyboards available depending on which language is set as default (English, French, Russian, Spanish).

The best part? This web browser supports Voice Text Input, so if typing isn’t really up to your alley, then this might be just right!

The Web Browser for Wear OS has some features that make it stand out, which include bookmarking pages and scrolling with your fingers.

The connection indicator will let you know when it is connected to the internet easily so that no data gets wasted on dead-end searches.

You can also pin sites like Facebook or Google Maps as bookmarks just by shaking your wrist! Pinch zoom allows users to enlarge any part they want in detail without having to scroll all over again.

Low footprint means less memory consumption than other browsers – keeping more space free for apps and games.


Things you can do with a web browser on your smartwatch include:

With a smartwatch, you can do anything and everything that your computer or cell phone could.

Check the weather forecast for today, search for travel options if needed, find out about local restaurants nearby – all from the convenience of your wrist!

The Wear Internet Browser is compatible with all Wear OS (Android Wear) smartwatches.


IFTTT for smartwatch lets you streamline your life by connecting all of the apps, services, and devices that are important to you.

With over 630 compatible apps, including Twitter, Telegram, Google Drive, Twitch, etc. IFTTT makes it easy to create new seamless experiences with just a few clicks.

Turn on connections and:

Integrate your work and home life with voice control, stay informed about what’s happening in the world from publications like The New York Times and ProPublica.

Stay updated on the weather forecast every day automatically using tailored notifications. Instantly message roommates when you’re within a mile of local grocery stores to coordinate shopping trips or quick errands together!

Get notified as soon as there are new listings matching your search criteria at Craigslist without having to manually check it yourself for updates daily.

Streamline social media by making connections between accounts easily accessible with just one click.

Back up photos taken on Android devices automatically so they can be shared across various platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, WeChat, etc.

With IFTTT, you can back up important files and photos to cloud-storage solutions like Dropbox or Google Drive.

Have your thermostat set to an optimal temperature when you get home by using the “if this then that” function! You could also post all of your Instagrams as Twitter photos or Pinterest pins with just one click, thanks to IFTTT’s automatic photo integration features.

Finally, trigger events based on where you are through geo-magnetism triggers, so no matter what time it is in Tokyo, for example (GMT +09:00), they will still go off at 5 pm Eastern Standard Time.


Ghostracer – GPS Run & Cycle

The Ghostracer app gives you the power to make every run and ride your best.

You can train against virtual competitors in real-time on your Android phone or Wear OS watch, race against Strava segments in real-time, beat personal records, compare yourself with anyone from the leaderboard!

The Ghostracer ensures that users are free to focus 100% on their training without worrying about timing themselves each kilometer/mile (or mile).

There is also live feedback for audio updates of split times and distance traveled – plus a customizable display showing information such as heart rate zone achieved at the current moment.

It all depends on what data you need help tracking during runs/rides – switch between Google Maps map type & Mapbox maps, which display customized detail, themes, and data layers.

It’s like having a personal guide on your phone to show you the way! With this app, street maps are transformed into trails and footpaths.

You can upload your activity straight to Strava or SmashRun without missing any of the fun by taking pictures along every mile with just one click.

It also works with Ant+ and Bluetooth Low Energy (btle) sensors for speed, cadence, speed/cadence combined power as well heart rate monitors.

Finally, there is support from devices such as an ANT+ wireless sensor that measures how much effort we’re putting in & our energy expenditure, so they make us more efficient runners.


App in the Air

It’s never been easier to book your flights today. App in the Air uses sophisticated AI that understands your flying needs and loyalties to find you great deals on fares, times, airlines, or hotels just for you!

The app has a simple interface with all of the information at once – no need for hours of searching here!.

With our single place tracking system across itineraries, boarding passes, and miles earned from multiple airlines, it’s easy as pie with only one tap away.

Ever find that you’re looking for a flight and have no idea where to start? The app in the Air app simplifies your search process.

Search through many airlines, amenities, alliance programs pricing on one platform! It offers predictive prices, which means it will show you the best price at first glance, so there is no guesswork involved when booking flights.

Predictive searches can also be done based on loyalty status or by searching fares with an airline partner such as United Airlines, American Airlines, British Airways, Vueling, WestJet (more – coming soon).


Best Gaming Apps for Sony Smartwatch

Sheep Shield: Android Wear

Now on Android Wear!

You can now protect your sheep with electric shields! You’ll need to plan the layout carefully so you don’t hurt them. Save as many cute little lambs from hungry wolves!


BiDot – Android Wear

Play BiDot; it’s easy to learn and hard as heck.

There are only two colors! Red dots bounce around at random while your job is not to let them get on the blue side of things since that would be bad for us all.

Get ready because this game by Spooky House Studios, creators of Rail Maze and Bubble Explode, won’t stop until you do something about those pesky red dots.