7 Best Shelves For Video Games (Check Before Buying!)

Are you looking for shelves to store your video games? If so, you have come to the right place.

This article will tell you about 7 of the best shelves on the market in 2021.

We have compiled this list by looking at customer reviews and ratings as well as researching each product’s features.

Whether it is a shelf that holds one game or 100 games, we are sure that there is something here that will suit your needs!

Best Shelves For Video Games

Here is the list of 7 Best Shelves For Video Games

Atlantic Drawbridge Media Storage Cabinet

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The DrawBridge MEDIA STORAGE CABINET is a great choice for your multimedia storage. 

It can store up to 240 CDs or 108 DVDs or 132 Blu-ray discs, and also 108 Wii 132 PS3.

It is durable and cheaper(around $30)

The adjustable shelves allow you complete control over media organization in the cabinet while giving it an attractive appearance with decorative accessories. 

If you’re looking for something that fits into most spaces without compromising on space or style, then this could be just what you need!

This durable piece is finished with a matte black finish, making it perfect for almost any space.

This product is constructed of composite wood. 

This DURABLE and affordable product won’t break the bank!

The Drawbridge is a functional and stylish addition to any home. It provides an elegant design for storing media, such as books or DVDs, that matches with most décor styles.

Best Features: Lightweight and Inexpensive

It is cheaper and lightweight if you are looking for something that isn’t heavy and bulky; that is just what you need to store your CD, DVD, or other types of media.

WALI CS303B Floating Wall Mounted Shelf

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This new 3-Shelves system can detach and turn into a one-shelf unit or two shelves.

The large tempered glass shelf (15 inches x 11 inches), supporting up to 8 kilograms per sheet, is comfortable for any entertainment needs you may have.

With its slim all-black wall plate that protrudes just 19mm from the wall when installed, this ensures cable management while keeping your space clean overall.

Floating on air with an adjustable height along its sleek body, this elegant floating piece will free more floor space without taking away anything!

The WALI Floating Shelf System is a quality wall mount solution for holding DVD/Blu-Ray Players, Satellite/Cable Boxes, Games Consoles, and more. 

It includes a 1 x black tempered glass shelf system with a mounting hardware kit that provides 10 years of warranty!

In short: WALI’s ultra-slim all-black wall mount has adjustable shelf height and is designed to free up floor space while enhancing the appearance of your entertainment system.

Best Features: Adjustable Height & Stylish Look

  • Ultra-slim protruding profile (19mm only) from the wall.
  • Ideal for flat panel TV, entertainment center, and other audio equipment.
  • Retractable design to easily access cables or wires (providing 6 inches of cable management space within the wall plate).
  • One-touch easy release system with adjustable height settings along its sleek body.

All in all, this is a great solution for media equipment that has limited floor space available.

Just attach the brackets and mount your components to achieve a clean floating shelf system that will get you out of an AV equipment drawer or box!

Atlantic Elite Media Storage Cabinet

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The Atlantic Media Tower is a media tower that has 9 shelves, an improved design for stability, and can hold up to 624 Blu-rays or 528 DVDs.

It comes with a Wall anchor kit so you can attach the unit to your wall and display all of your favorite movies, video games, CDs in one place!

The Sturdy, traditional design has new wider side panels, improved assembly, and a Black finish. 

You have the option to organize your movies in nine different shelf spaces while also having space for storing video game discs or CDs into slots on top of each other as well! 

With an easy-to-assemble frame that can be anchored onto any wall you make. 

This sturdy unit is perfect not only because of its versatility, but it will look great too with its sleek black hue alongside additional newly added wide sides.

So there is no need to worry about stability issues when stacking large collections inside either!”

Best Features: High Storage Capacity & Versatile Design

The Atlantic Elite Media Tower provides you with a versatile storage unit for both movies and video games.

With the option to stack DVDs or Blue-rays on top of each other, you can make use of all 9 spaces without fear of collapse due to the improved stability. 

Both its black color and traditional design are perfect for complementing all types of existing home decor. You can organize up to 624 Blue-ray discs or 528 DVDs with an improved design.

No need to worry about stability issues when stacking large collections inside.

Atlantic Oskar Adjustable Media Cabinet

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The Atlantic Oskar Adjustable Media Cabinet is the ultimate high-capacity multimedia cabinet for all of your media storage needs.

This adjustable shelving allows you to customize a space and create any configuration that best suits what you are trying to store, whether it be books or DVDs.

The wide base provides stability, so there is no worry about tipping over when reaching in excess of 500 different games on top of each other!

With a durable frame comes stable support with an impressive capacity–holding up 1080 CDs or 504 DVDs/Blu-ray discs and more than 576 Wii video game disks as well as PS3 gaming software combined!

Best Features: Durability and Storage Capacity

The high-quality material used to manufacture the Oskar Adjustable Media Cabinet is built to withstand wear and tear.

So you don’t have to worry about looking at any scuffs or scratches.

Never again do you need to fret over how you are going to store all of your favorite games, movies, or music!

The large capacity means that you can rest assured that you can fit everything in one place.

The adjustable shelves allow for a customizable storage experience, so no matter what it is you have to store, it will always be accessible and easy to find.

Atlantic Mitsu 5-Tier Media Rack

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The Atlantic Mitsu 5-Tier media rack can store up to 130 CDs or 90 DVDs‘, Blue Ray discs, video games, and even VHS tapes.

The possibilities are endless for how you want to organize your multimedia collection.

Jewel case anchor dividers make it easy to showcase your media and keep it organized.

You may make the whole unit into a CD tower, DVD organizer, or other custom rows of multimedia.

The Mitsu was vertically designed to fit in tight small spaces while providing maximum storage for your multimedia collection.

A clear smoke finish and geometric design give the media rack a stylish modern appearance.

If you buy more of these units, that piece can be expanded upon with additional units sold separately.

Best Features: Space Saving Design and Highly Customizable

The Atlantic Mitsu 5-Tier Media Rack is a great storage solution for your multimedia collection.

With its customizable shelving and space-saving design, it is the perfect solution to any media enthusiast’s problems.

This product is great! It stores a lot of media in a very small space, and with the customizable options and INCLUDED JEWEL CASE DIVIDERS (and anchors), you can create your own organization system that works perfect for you.

The only downside of Mitsu’s storage capabilities is that it isn’t durable enough for heavy multimedia use.

You Have Space White Cube Storage Shelves (Set of 3)

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  • Versatile, functional, and extremely easy to install white wall media shelves for video game storage.
  • It can be installed vertically or horizontally on any wall of your choice in minutes!
  • It comes fully assembled with necessary hardware, including a mini level. So just take it out of the box and hang them on your wall!
  • Ideal for both video game storage and CD DVD blu-ray media collection.
  • Can store 36 DVDs or 60 CDs on each floating shelf.
  • It comes with 3 black cubes that are 34 inches tall (86 cm) x 12 inches wide (30 cm) x 12 inches deep (30 cm).
  • So they will fit any standard games and movies.
  • Ideal for game rooms, shelves storage, and living room decoration.
  • Will fit any standard games (PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch).
  • Safe to mount on your wall – totally kid-friendly!

Best Feature: Functionality is Great

This media rack set is a great choice for any room in your house.

You can stack them vertically or horizontally, and they come with the necessary hardware, so installation will be a breeze!

You can place them next to your gaming pc or video game console to keep your large collection of video games within hands reach while displaying some gaming accessories to level up your game room decor.

So if you are looking for some awesome gaming storage solution that will help you keep all of your favorite games together while adding some modern style to your game room, then these floating shelves would be a great pick!

Atlantic Venus Media Storage Cabinet

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The product is a multimedia storage cabinet that can hold 198 CDs/88 DVDs, and 180 Blu-ray.

The adjustable shelves with dividers make the product stylish and functional.

The push-to-open magnetic latch doors, extended base, and durable construction provide stability for the collection.

The adjustable shelves allow users to easily customize how they store their media.

For example, a user may use the three adjustable shelves to store CDs and DVDs with dividers or Blu-rays without dividers.

The push-to-open magnetic latch doors provide privacy and great functionality to all users.

The extended base provides greater stability than regular multimedia storage cabinets.

The product is made of Espresso wood veneer and is 47″ H x 24″ W x 16″ D. The product has a stylish design with curved doors and push-to-open magnetic latch doors.

Best Features: Great Functionality & Style

This media storage cabinet has the right amount of security and is very functional.

The push-to-open magnetic latch doors provide privacy while also making it easy to access your collection.

There is a lot of storage space in this multimedia storage cabinet, which offers stability for all your CDs/DVD/Blu-ray.

And It has good looks that will complement your décor.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Shelves For Video Games

If you are someone who is passionate about video games and wants to build a collection of your own.

Then it is important that you actually have good shelves on which you can keep your video games.

It does not matter whether the shelves are for Xbox One, PS4, or any other console.

What matters is that they should be able to provide the following:

Space Required

The amount of space you have for the shelf is very important, especially if you’re going to use the shelf in a small area such as an entertainment center or media console.

However, it’s not necessary to have much space at all – sometimes smaller shelves can be used even if you have very little room.


How high a shelf is can be important, especially if you’re using it in a basement or an area with low ceilings.

Sometimes shelves can come higher (or lower) variants, and it’s good to know which height would accommodate your living space better.

Enough Space To Keep Your Video Games

On a priority basis, it is important that you are able to see all your video games so that you can pick and play them whenever you want.

Therefore, make sure that the shelves are such that they allow quick access to all the video games available on them.

The Material Of The Shelf

A simple wooden shelf may be expensive, but the cost is worth it because of its hardiness and long lifespan.

Wooden shelves are also much better at protecting video game systems from damage.

Ease Of Assembly

Ease of assembly is mostly only important if you have bought exceptionally tall or wide units that come with multiple shelves; not having to worry about assembling these units will make your life much easier.

But since this factor is rated low compared to the other metrics, it won’t matter much unless convenience is particularly important for your situation.

Space Between Shelves

Space between shelves could potentially affect how much ground space the unit takes up.

Though whether this affects you depends greatly on what sort of configuration you’ve planned for and how many levels/shelves the unit has.

In general, this factor is rated low because it’s not particularly important – whether the shelves are far apart or close together doesn’t affect much about how long the shelf itself is.

Weight Of The Shelf

The weight of your shelf is usually not particularly important; people tend to buy shelving that can handle the weight of their items even if the units are heavy.

This does depend on what you’ll be putting on there, however – if you’ll need to load lightweight items onto very tall shelves (or vice versa).

Consider buying lighter shelves than necessary so they don’t collapse under their own weight and/or break under the object weight.


Your own priorities are extremely important here because there is no “perfect” shelf for everyone.

These are some of the most important factors to consider when looking at units to store your games on.

If you notice that an otherwise perfect unit has a flaw with one of these traits, it might be easier to look for another option rather than buy a unit that doesn’t suit your needs the way you want.

Another important thing to keep in mind is how much space between shelves your games will take up.

Because this can either be a big problem or not an issue at all, depending on if each shelf has enough space for all of your items.

If there isn’t room for even one extra game, then it’s simply not worth buying a unit that has incredibly tight spacing.

What To Do After Buying Shelves

Now that you have bought the best shelf for video games, it is time to find the perfect spot.

There are many different factors to consider when deciding where to place your new shelves.

Find A Perfect Spot To Place

First thing’s first, pick a room! Any room can work perfectly fine with shelves for video games.

One of the most common questions people ask me is, “should i put my new shelves in the living room or bedroom?”

Both are perfectly acceptable, and it really comes down to personal preference.

If you feel like your video game collection is too big and you need a bigger shelf for video games, then go with the living room.

If you don’t play many video games and want them out of the way, then go with the bedroom.

Ventilated Area

When deciding where to put your shelves for video games, remember that they should be placed in a well-ventilated area.

Shelves can become very hot when placed near a radiator or fireplace, and this could damage any plastic cases you have!

So it is best to avoid putting them anywhere near these areas.


Another thing to consider is lighting. The shelf you bought should have a lip that helps keep games from falling off, but it can still happen.

You don’t want your collectibles being damaged because of this, so place them in a well-lit area!

That’s all there is to it! Just make sure the new shelves for video games are well lit and in a room that you will enjoy them in!

Important FAQs

If you find yourself asking any of the following questions after buying shelves to store your video game collection, read on for answers.

Are Video Game Shelves Worth Buying For My Collection of Video Games?

Video game shelves are always worth buying because they can significantly reduce the amount of space taken up by your video games and prevent you from getting lost or dirty from being on the floor.

In other words, they will help keep your video games organized and in good condition.

Is It Worth Putting My Games On These Shelves?

Think about how much room you have and what you want to do with your shelving unit; if the unit is too wide or tall for what you need, reconsider buying it even if it has other good aspects.

If not, then go ahead and buy it – just be sure to remember that you’re getting what you pay for.

How Much Weight Can The Shelves Hold?

Each shelf may have different weight limits, but in general, they’ll be able to hold several hundred pounds without breaking or tipping over.

Keep in mind that weight is relative; if you’re using lightweight shelving, this will only apply to smaller games, whereas heavy shelves can hold heavier games.

Are these shelves stable enough?

There are many factors that determine whether or not a shelf is stable; if you’re purchasing really wide or tall units, then it’s more likely that they’ll be unstable and prone to toppling over.

However, if you’re buying a normal height unit (four feet or shorter), there’s little chance of the shelf tipping over; the main problem is that they may be too flimsy to actually hold your games up.

Is it easy to assemble these shelves?

If you’re struggling to assemble it by yourself, you can always ask someone else to help.

Shelves that require screwing together in multiple places are trickier to build than ones that simply bolt into place; smaller units tend to be easier to construct (and simpler) than larger units.

Are Video game shelves adjustable?

Most video game shelves are not adjustable because the space between each shelf is predetermined.

But there are some versions that allow for adjustment to suit different types of items or to accommodate different shelf heights.

This can be a great benefit depending on how you intend to use the shelves and what kind of items you’ll be putting on them.

Are Video game shelves good for my room?

Video game shelves can add extra decor to your room and add a lot of styles.

But they can also be completely hidden behind doors or inside cabinets if you want them out of sight.

The only downside is that units with glass doors show some dust buildup over time and can decrease the display value of some items.

So consider buying shelves with solid fronts instead if it’s an issue.

Are Video game shelves good for large video games?

Video game shelves are not particularly good for large video games because the shelving units usually aren’t tall enough to hold such large items (some exceptions can be made if very wide shelving units are used).

In addition, the spacing between shelves may not be wide enough to hold very large games as well.

In general, it’s much better to buy a stand-alone shelf for big games if you have a lot of them and need more floor space.

Are Video game shelves good for small video games?

Video game shelves are perfect for keeping a large collection of small items organized, especially if the shelves have a lot of space between them to prevent shelving units from getting overcrowded.

Some people even use extra shelving units to split up their collections by platform or genre.

Are Video game shelves good for small rooms?

Video game shelves are usually not particularly good for small rooms because they will take up extra space and may not be tall enough to hold many items.

It’s much better to use open shelving units or cabinets that can’t be seen if you only have a limited amount of floor space in your room.

What are the best Video game shelves for my games?

The best video game shelves vary depending on what you’re looking for.

But some of the most recommended units include glass-fronted units with adjustable shelves, solid fronted units to hide dust buildup, and open shelf units.

If your room is small or if you have a lot of big items, look for taller units to keep everything organized.





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