7 Best Emf Detector Apps That Can Detect EMF Forces

Here is the list of the very best android EMF detector/meter apps that do the job done up to the mark!

The world is full of radiation, every surrounding device is emitting a certain amount of radiation- like our mobile phones, they emerge from radio frequencies.

Considering the harm a human body takes. Everyone will want to avoid these rays.

However, to measure the strength of EMF- some Android apps can do the work as long as your Mobile has a magnetometer sensor in it.

Frankly speaking- people believing in ghosts can also use our listed app to hunt a real ghost.

That being said, ghosts do emerge from Electromagnetic forces!

List Of Apps That Can Detect EMF Forces

Although we’ve examined these apps and believe that they can find out nearby devices’ emerging frequencies, bear in mind- show the strength on the meter.

But, don’t take them as accurately as real EMF meters, not even close to them. 

EMF Detector

You can get the real-time readings of the nearby EMF frequencies with this app.

Can impress your friends with the readings as the graphs look so accurate- not less than any real EMF meter. 

Easy to understand user interface, solid black background color with red outline make its internal functions look stunning! 

It’s very simple to use, tap on the app and click the detect button that will be shown on your mobile screen.

In a few seconds, it will start appearing in the graph- in case of delay- bring your mobile device closer to the device you suspect is emerging radiation, and see the magic happening. 

If you’re wondering how this app works, it’s pretty easy!

It uses an android mobile magnetometer to record such frequencies.

To show up on the screen, it uses an LED display for this purpose. 

Keep in mind, the results are not very accurate.

Still, far enough to let you know about devices emerging EMF, which is pretty satisfying for free.

Free EMF Detector, EMF Meter – ElectroSmart

People who are curious to know about which devices are emerging EMF and how much – this app is what does this job nicely.

Shows a daily stats of EMF in a certain amount of time. Runs in the background so you don’t need to open the app all the time.

Get an insight of daily, weekly, monthly stats- showing details of exposure about EMF.

Apart from what it does on its own.

You can always use it for manually measuring EMF signals of devices, such as your gaming consoles, Wifi router, Smart TV, etc.

The results are satisfying.

Besides, working as a meter warns you if the EMF exceeds the limit a human body can bother- letting you be aware of harms that can disturb your health. 

Additionally, we’ve walked through many apps in this genre. Didn’t find anything better than this 5-star review of this app on google play is the compact reason for this statement.

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