Are MacBooks Durable or Fragile? [Read Before Buying!]

Summary: Are MacBooks durable or fragile? MacBooks are durable and have some features that make the device user-friendly. However, there are also some drawbacks that need to be taken into account when purchasing one.

The MacBook is a great laptop for people who are looking for an Apple product.

It is durable, stylish, and has all the features that a customer would want in a laptop.

why MacBooks are the best?

With aesthetic design dimensions and sleek appearance, Apple MacBooks have become one of the best digital devices available so far.

There’s not a sure-shot way to justify if MacBooks are durable, but they probably are sturdy devices with best-in-class hardware specifications, faster and fail-proof SSD storage as well as huge portability. 

Although its minimal weight specifications made it highly portable, users often doubt its durability and longevity.

MacBooks are computers developed and marketed by Apple Inc. since 2006; it has been widespread in the market and used by a large number of the population.

After the launch of the MacBook, PowerBook and iBook have vanished from the market.

MacBook Air and MacBook Pro emerged as powerful variations of Apple laptops.


MacBook Air VS MacBook Pro

Even though both MacBook Pro and MacBook Air are products of Apple, there are some major differences between both.

MacBook Pro has more thickness throughout the body structure, and Macbook Air has a wedge-shaped structure.

MacBook Pro has a bigger size and is heavier than other models Apple.

Apple Macbook device is highly recommended by users because of its durability.

Durability is another unique feature of the Apple Macbook as it gives more liberty to the users to explore more and save money.

Apple updates macOS regularly to ensure security and safety.

Every version includes security patches that are meant to remove bugs from the previous macOS version.

If you find your mac running slow after the update, you may need to implement several fixes to resolve the issue.

Apple users often praise its features because no other laptops are like MacBooks in the market, and macOS certainly offers one of the best experiences.

It has been indicated that Macbooks are well built, and duration does not harness their functionality until or unless the user issues.

There are many old Macbooks; if these were well taken care of by the users, there would be no issues regarding the system and durability.

According to the consumer analysis of many Apple users, the average life span of any Macbook is around 5-6 years, even more than this if used carefully, which makes Apple products the right option.

Nevertheless, other factors influence the durability of the Macbook; some of them are mentioned below:

  • The primary function of your MacBook.
  • How are you using it?
  • External aspects, such as regular updates.

Even if the customers are facing any issues, it might be after a few years due to certain external factors.

Here are 12 critical Durability factors you need to consider


Mac OS operating systems in Apple computers bring software and hardware very close and build a stable and reliable system.

It protects your MacBook from viruses due to its highly protected form and integrated security feature.


Are MacBooks Durable or Fragile?

The structure of the MacBook is made up of a single piece of aluminum, not many pieces.

Therefore, it makes the architecture of the MacBook more solidified with greater strength.

On the contrary, if you see other laptops, they would have more than a hundred parts, and there the body of the laptop will show the unibody construct and become weaker.

The battery and body of the Macbooks are blended, and even Random Access Memory (RAM) is also fixed with the motherboard, reducing the chances of damage if it falls.


It has been noticed that there are no or minimal changes to the body structure of the MacBook.

That’s why Apple products are always touted by users for maintaining high standards in terms of rigidity and resilience. 

The unibody of the MacBook consists of high torsional rigidity and is highly resistant to pressure.


The MacBook stands against the scratches and dents that make the body ineffective.

Similarly, the internal hardware structure is also made up of a highly tight system that makes the MacBook tougher against minor drops and other small incidents.

Tough Hard Drive

The hard drive part of the Apple MacBook is composed of a solid-state drive, which means it has better durability in comparison to other laptops concerning mechanical damage. 

Standard laptops tend to damage more suddenly due to the weak structure of the parts of the drive.

Screen Display

The screens of the MacBooks are sensitive; they are an important component that tends to work efficiently.

If anything happens to the display, you may have to compromise with the image quality and so on.  

MacBook devices consist of a high-resolution LED-backlit glossy widescreen.

Moreover, Apple also provides a Retina Display preference for the MacBook pro that directly enhances the resolution to 2,880.

Battery Life

Having a long-lasting battery life constantly supports your work?

Fortunately, Apple has a well-maintained battery backup, and that directly affects the durability of the MacBook.

However, it also depends upon your habit of using devices.

Power usage

When you don’t have a charger, and your device ends up switching off, this situation seems horrible.

But no worries, every model of MacBook can save more battery life and needs fewer or no charging points. 

You can even use Apple devices to charge other devices too and reduce the number of gadgets in your bag.


The OS X operating system of the Apple company enables the functionality to be more efficient.

In every computer, there is a dual-core processor from the Intel Core brand in collaboration with Turbo Boost Technology that supports the better performance of the MacBook and has a high speed of 1.7 and 1.8 GHz.

Moreover, Apple’s new butterfly keyboard, which belongs to the third generation, has a silicon barrier that supports your fast typing and again improves the reliability of the devices.

Media & Tools

The in-built graphics by Intel support handling basic videos, and the MacBook Pro has some advanced features.

That means there is no need for outsourcing the features and more dependency on devices, and durability is much better.


Is MacBook Durable?

Apple MacBooks are the best example of sustainable laptops.

If you are a person with high work responsibilities and always multitasking, choosing a MacBook would be a worthwhile decision. 

These are sustainable, and that influences their durability.

However, other computers and laptops have a downside which is the incapability to upgrade RAM and SSD.


Regulating and maintaining the data and files of many years is a very complex work and again reduces the durability of the device.

But do not worry, because MacBook has some inbuilt features that make this step very easy. 

The MacBook can check out unnecessary files and databases, and Mac OS deletes the files automatically as per the situation of the device. 


Regardless of the body structure, storage capacity, sustainability & reliability, good battery backup, display structure, and hard drive functionality, there are some other shortcomings related to the Apple MacBook.

Besides these features, things also depend upon habits and usability.

In some cases, changing parts and updating the devices becomes troublesome.

For instance, many customers replace the parts or have issues upgrading hardware.

But, replacement in the case of Apple products becomes more risky and problematic as compared to other laptops.


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