Are ASRock Motherboards Good? (Should You Trust?)

ASRock is a brand name of a computer hardware manufacturer based in Taipei, Taiwan.

They produce motherboards, graphics cards, power supplies, and other related products.

They are one of the biggest manufacturers of motherboards for computers and laptops.

ASRock is known for its quality motherboard designs, but are they really better than other brands? Is ASRock good enough to buy?

If you want to know the answer to these questions, read on.

ASRock motherboards are designed by the same team who created Asus motherboards.

They are very similar in design and features. Both companies are owned by the same company called Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd.

ASRock motherboards are usually cheaper than Asus motherboards. But, they are not necessarily inferior.

ASRock motherboard reviews are mostly positive. Their motherboards are generally well-received by users.

However, some people complain about overclocking their motherboards. Also, they say that their motherboards are not reliable.

Some people even claim that their motherboards are faulty.

But, if you take a closer look at the reviews, you will realize that most of them are positive.

Are ASRock Motherboards Good?
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Are ASRock Motherboards Good?

Yes, ASRock motherboards are good, just like any other motherboard brand. They have many advantages over other brands. But overclocking is not recommended with ASRock motherboards.

You need to be careful when using high voltages. So, if you plan to OC your system, make sure you use an ASUS or MSI motherboard.

What Makes ASRock Motherboards Good?

What makes them so special? Let us discuss:

1) Quality

The quality of ASRock motherboards is excellent. All of their motherboards perform well.

There are no problems with overheating or crashing. They are also quite easy to install.

The quality of their components is top-notch.

2) Performance

Overclocking can cause problems with your motherboard. It might crash because of excessive heat.

Some people report that their motherboard has overheated while overclocking. This is why it is best to avoid overclocking with ASRock motherboards unless you are experienced.

If you do decide to go ahead, make sure you follow all instructions carefully.

3) Reliability

Many people report that their ASRock motherboards are unreliable. For example, there are reports of bad capacitors causing problems with fans.

However, this is rare. Most of the time, the problem lies with the user.

4) Features

ASRock motherboards come with plenty of useful features. These include USB 3.0 ports, SATA III 6GB/s connections, PCI-E slots, etc.

5) Price

ASRock motherboards are relatively cheap compared to other brands. You can get a decent board for around $120.

6) Warranty

Most ASRock motherboards come covered under warranty. In fact, most of them come with lifetime warranties.

7) Compatibility

ASRock motherboards work fine with Windows 10. You can easily install drivers and software.

8) User Reviews

ASRock motherboards receive lots of positive reviews from users. This shows that they are good products.

9) Support

ASRock motherboards have great support. They provide excellent customer service and technical support.

10) Availability

ASRock motherboards can be found everywhere. You can buy them online or in stores.

11) Overall

ASRock motherboards offer great value for money. They are very affordable. They also perform well. So, if you want a reliable, stable, and fast gaming PC, then these are the ones for you!

Are ASRock Motherboards Good for Gaming?

ASRock motherboards are generally used for gaming. Because of the low price, they are perfect for beginners who want to build their first PC.

If you are planning on building your own computer, then ASRock motherboards will probably be suitable for you.

They are reasonably priced and have tons of features. They also come with some great warranty options.

The only thing that could possibly keep someone away from buying one would be the lack of compatibility.

But, since they are so inexpensive, you can always just look up the specifications of any motherboard you like before purchasing it.

So, if you’re ready to build a new system, then ASRock motherboards are certainly worth considering.

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ASRock vs Gigabyte Motherboards

ASRock and Gigabyte are two of the top manufacturers of motherboards. Both companies produce high-quality and powerful motherboards.

The question is, which company produces better motherboards?

There are many reasons why people choose either ASRock or Gigabyte as their preferred brand. Here we will take a look at both companies and compare them side by side.

1) Quality

Both ASRock and Gigabyte make high-end motherboards but what separates them is the quality.

Gigabyte has been producing motherboards for over 30 years now. Their reputation speaks for itself. People know that they make quality products.

ASRock was founded back in 2002. Since then, they have made quite a name for themselves.

They are known for making budget-friendly motherboards. However, their reputation isn’t all bad.

Many people still use their motherboards because they know they will give them a solid performance.

2) Design

ASRock and Gigabytes designs are different.

ASRock’s design is more sleek and modern. It looks more professional than Gigabyte’s design.

3) Features

ASRock and Gigabyte have similar feature sets. Both companies offer USB 3.0 ports, SATA 6 Gb/s connectors, PCI-E slots, etc. The differences between the two lie in how much power each offers.

4) Performance

ASRock and Gigabyte offer similar performance. Both have good overclocking capabilities, but they may vary from product to product.

5) Warranty

ASRock offers lifetime warranties. This means that if anything goes wrong with your motherboard, you can get it repaired or replaced free of charge.

Gigabyte does not offer this. If something goes wrong with your board, you’ll need to pay for repairs yourself.

6) Price

ASRock and Gigabyte both offer similar prices. However, there are many other factors that affect the cost of these motherboards.

For example, ASRock motherboards tend to be cheaper, while Gigabyte tends to be higher priced.

7) Compatibility

When choosing a motherboard, compatibility should be the number one priority.

This is because if you buy a motherboard that doesn’t work with your components, then you won’t be able to enjoy its full potential.

You want to make sure that you buy a motherboard that works well with your hardware.

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Wrapping Up

To conclude, I think that ASRock motherboards are great. They’re affordable, have excellent features, and come with good support.

However, when it comes to selecting a motherboard, you shouldn’t base your decision on price alone.

Make sure that you check out reviews, specifications, and customer feedback before buying.

ASRock vs Asus Motherboards

Both ASUS and ASRock make some of the best motherboards around. Both companies offer excellent features and unique designs.

The difference between the two lies in the fact that they do slightly different things. Let’s take a closer look at both boards so you can decide which one is right for you.

1) Design

ASUS has an older design compared to ASRock. The front side of the ASUS’ Z97M WS Gaming 7 motherboard shows the company logo.

While ASRock’s Z97 Extreme 4 motherboard shows off its black and red color scheme.

2) Features

ASUS and ASRock both offer plenty of features. Both boards offer USB 3.0, Wi-Fi 802.11ac, Thunderbolt technology, and audio jacks.

However, the differences lie in what kind of features each board offers. ASUS offers better audio quality and more USB 3.0 ports.

ASRock provides more PCIe x16 lanes and more RAM sockets.

3) Performance

ASUS and AS Rock offer similar performance. Both boards offer decent overclocking capabilities.

4) Price

ASUS and ASRock both offer relatively low prices. However, there is a slight gap in pricing between the two.

ASUS costs around $120 while ASRock costs around $130.

To conclude, I think that ASUS motherboards are great. Their design isn’t as flashy as ASRock’s, but their features are still really impressive.

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Final Words

To conclude, ASRock motherboards have many benefits. They are very affordable and have lots of features. They also perform well and are reliable. So, if you are looking for a motherboard, then ASRock is definitely worth checking out.


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